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Take a step back in time to the way pizza was originally made... with fire. Riggatti’s prides itself in offering high quality hand-tossed, artisan, wood-fired pizza.

Memorable experience far beyond excellent pizza. We believe in a friendly customer atmosphere where our customers feel respected and cared for.

We pattern our dough and cooking after the Napoletano or Neapolitan style. We believe in slow double rising dough in order to give you great taste and texture. We believe that all dough should be hand-tossed, thereby, giving proper shape, thickness, and consistency, while also allowing the dough’s compressed CO2 to once again expand and relax.

Hand-tossed, great tasting wood-fired pizza crust. We believe in the power of a great tasting crust because it’s the first thing to touch your palate. Our wood-fired oven cooks the pizzas between 700 and 800 degrees. This allows the crust to rapidly rise, giving you that soft artisan feel and taste that is so important to a delicious pizza.

We design the pizzas so that the individual toppings, sauces and crust compliment one another. We believe in fresh, great tasting toppings and use imported plum tomatoes as a base for our red sauce in order to balance out the crust and toppings. The high temperatures from our wood-fired oven “flash” the toppings, leaving them fresh and distinct from one another.

The secret to great pizza is the right pizza oven. We believe in the power of wood-fired ovens. Wood fired ovens not only cook at high temperatures, they also incorporate three types of energy; Convection, Conduction, and Radiant. That’s how they cook so fast (1:40-2:00 minutes) and lock in the flavors of the individual ingredients.

We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere with superior customer-focused service. We believe in speed and progressing to an even better pizza and experience. If you have any suggestions, let us know.